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Am I the only one who thinks that part of the gaming community’s resistance to social justice-y stuff can be attributed to the prescense of the general trend that created shit like Captain Planet; Fern Gully (Minus Hexxus) and the general genre of edu-tainment games?

Because, I think that a lot of that stuff; with the way it put “LET US HIT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH OUR MESSAGE/LEARNING” over actual characterization & fun & smart writing & creativity & general quality kinda planted the idea that “socially responsible” means “dull” in a lot of folks’ minds, not to mention the way content was constantly cut and censored back in those days in the name of “social responsibility”.

There’s a reason that the addition of “social justice” in games is taken to mean “We are going to replace the gameplay with didactic; dull preachiness” rather than “We’re going to keep the stuff you like and work these elements holistically into the game” and how thinking about the impact of what you say equates to “thought policing” to some people I’ve hear grumbling online, and I think that’s it, though it does not excuse them being unable to take in the possiblity that social responsibility can actually not be obnoxious and nag-y.

Because, I mean, there were good attempts at such things in that era. They just knew the value of subtlety and telling a good story along with it.

Of course, I also ascribe another part of it to good old-fashioned “we were here first” white straight cisboy entitlement, as well as a “What’s The Matter With Kansas”-type effect on the part of gamers blaming folks who want more diversity/representation/inclusiveness in games for the destruction of difficulty and their favored genres in gaming; when it’s actually due to the corporate greed and stupidity behind the Triple-A business model that’s doing it, just so we’re clear here.

I look forward to hearing your insightful commentary on this idea/all caps rants on how wrong I am in the reblogs.


I need help, you need cheap RPGs

Hey everyone, this is Trent Troop, one-half of the Isle of Rangoon. And I’m in trouble.

Specifically, my car needs work. The timing chains have stretched out and my vacuum pump is leaking. In its current state I can’t drive it for fear of completely destroying the engine. The dealership’s estimate is around $2500 (I own a Volkswagen). I don’t have that kind of money and I don’t live in a town where public transportation is really an option.

Octavirate, the company that brings you the Isle of Rangoon, has gone through several phases over time. In the early 2000s, we did a lot of d20 RPG publishing through RPGNow/DrivethruRPG. 

In order to raise money to get my car fixed, I’ve put together a pair of bundle products:

Everything Octavirate - Is all of our d20 products in one place for $25 dollars (normal cost 114.45). This includes the Libris Personae NPC catalog, all issues of Creature Weekly (d20 monster compendiums), all issues of Octavirate Presents (a mix of creatures, spells, items, NPCs and optional rules), Lethal Lexicon Parts 1 and 2 (a 1st-Ed Monster Manual parody/homage), the Portrait Pavilions (ready-made character art for your character sheet) and Exorsystems, Inc, a d20 modern setting that should be of interest to fans of Ghostbusters.

Octavirate d20 products came with optional conversion options for both flavor and crunch for different genres and common rules variations.

Octavirate Art Department in a Box - Octavirate also made single-pay stock art for game makers. Essentially you purchased a bundle of print-quality illustrations by myself, Ronald Smith Jr and Hector Haddaway and you got the rights to use said illustrations in your own products. We’ve bundled all of those packs together to provide more than 330 illustrations for $50 (normally $135 purchased individually).

I will be keeping these bundles active until such time as I’m able to get my car fixed. If you know any gamers who enjoy d20/Pathfinder, please spread the word. 

And if you know an inexpensive mechanic that works on Volkswagens in the Tulsa area, please send an ask.

Thank you, all.

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Divinely Awesome Antagonists: China


Just another day when the Middle Kingdom is being attacked by monstrous deities and greedy dragon gods. 

  1. Chi You - A complex and controversial deity. He was said to be monstrous and bovine in appearance, fierce and enormous. Chi You challenged the Yellow Emperor. With powers over fog and rain, he sought to bewilder the Emperor’s soldiers. He managed to bring them to their knees. In the second attempt, Huang Di created the South-pointing chariot to lead his army. Rain and storms hindered their path so Huang Di ordered his daughter, Nu Ba to push them away. The Yellow Emperor defeated Chi You (who made a cameo in Guan Yu’s life) and united China. On the other hand to non-Han Hlai and Hmong tribes, Chi You was a sagacious emperor and a tutelary deity.
  2. Gong Gong/Kanghui - The god of the primordial chaos and floods and a jealous enemy of the Shen. He usually takes form a black dragon with a serpent’s tale and red hair. He fought for the Throne of Heaven against Zhu Rong, a fire god who stood on a tiger and was armed with a spear. The battle destroyed land by inundating them and tilted the heavens leaving Nuwa to fix all of them. He was eventually defeated.
  3. Yan Di - Yan Di is the Red Emperor. He tried to usurp Huang Di’s rule and tried to take the throne for himself (since he was the older son of Shaodian). He fought long and hard at the Battle of Barquan under his animal servitors. Yan Di was defeated at the same battle and he rose to usurp the Yellow Emperor yet again but failed and was executed. He is also noted to be the same entity as Shennong, a helpful deity and teacher of farming practices, medicine and vegetation. He is also said to have fathered Chi You.

Four Fiends

The Four Fiends are the demonic and destructive entities that plague the Middle Kingdom. Malevolent and violent in nature, the Four Fiends were banished by Emperor Shun to faraway lands never to cause harm again (until the plot said so).

Hundun - An enigmatic deity of chaos and confusion. In one tale, Hundun was a featureless entity until two dignitaries offered to help and drilled holes in him. He died and chaos subsided. He was also a dog with no sense yet has a level of human intellect. It despises those with valour and virtue and sides with hate and bigotry.

Taotie - Taotie is a mysterious Chinese creature only known from the motif found in Shang and Zhou bronze vessels.The real meaning of these images have been lost. In later eras, it was associated with gluttony or even as Chi You’s head. The Taotie are numerous and thus were punished by having their bodies taken away.

Qiongqi - Qiongqi’s an enormous beast, an ox-like monster that sprouts wings. It is the personification of deviousness and disdain. Most known technique that Qiongqi uses is to ask a moral dilemma. If the man is sensible, he is quickly devoured. Like Hundun, he punishes those with virtue and eliminates any sense or rational ideas to be born.

Taowu - The metaphorical darkness. Taowu is apathetic and ignorant to everything around him. He was once mortal who had the powers over divination. He was associated with Gun, the father of Emperor Yu who failed to help Emperor Shun when building his dam. Scholars and philosophers tried to make him become educated but failed. He killed them all. 

Strangely each of the fiends is associated with a deity or a mortal or a tribe. Hundun is associated with Huandou; Qiongqi with Gong Gong; Taowu with Gun, the father of Yu and Miao people as Taotie.

Remind me if I miss anyone out.

You know, the’d make some good basises D&D villains for a homebrew setting. And not just a Eastern-myth-themed setting, but any setting.

Just make sure you do more research on ‘em before you. Because you look like an appropriative ass when you put stuff from other cultures in another context without doing/applying the godammned research.

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Was looking at a batch of Jake Parker’s awesome drawings earlier this weekend and wanted to try working in some ideas from that, so here are some AD&D styled kobolds. Seriously old-skool, man. I’m also inking using one of the Staedler pen liners and really like it ‘way more than the Microns.


Was looking at a batch of Jake Parker’s awesome drawings earlier this weekend and wanted to try working in some ideas from that, so here are some AD&D styled kobolds. Seriously old-skool, man. I’m also inking using one of the Staedler pen liners and really like it ‘way more than the Microns.

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IMPORTANT! I am in a dangerous situation!


Hey my name’s Reema and I’m a queer girl who’s also an atheist living in Qatar a country in the Arabian peninsula that mainly goes by the Sharia law currently, and in this country identifying as a queer atheist is punishable by death (see here and here ) what’s worse is my birthday is coming up soon and by Qatari law I am at the age of consent, and my family plans to forcefully make me marry one of my family members this year or the next one. I have told them many times that I am against that, but I can’t do much because by legal standards, they aren’t doing anything wrong.

My mother knows that I left islam and am against many of our traditions here but she still insists that this is the best way even if i don’t know what’s “best” for me now. I’m not allowed to work as well due to my mom thinking it’s unbecoming for a soon to be wife, so I can’t earn money here either.

I have opened a donation pool so I can afford a ticket to the US where I’ll be staying with my partner, and to pay for any necessary paperwork I’ll need to check once I’m there. I can’t disclose much about this situation because it might endanger me and my partner even more, but if you have any questions or tips (especially if you know a lot about LGBT rights for queer arabian women) or even a signal boost would be appreciated. PLEASE! Meeting a really close person to me and getting out of this dangerous and toxic environment is a matter of great importance to me! 

We’re already in the process of finishing the current necessary paperworks for me to get there and are currently in contact with immigration attorneys. The main plan is, I’m traveling with my family to England soon and there won’t be much monitoring on me there, and a friend of ours is willing to help me and let me stay at his place in Belgium if the situation calls for it, our main goal is to get from either England or Belgium to US as fast as possible without my family catching me. 

Here’s the donation pool link  and there’s a button in my description box too at my page.

Again please, any of support counts even if it’s a penny, a signal boost or just any useful information, if you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Thank you!

EDIT: I have edited the link which takes you to the donation site, tell me if it acts up again, also I have a donation button on my page incase that link keeps giving error.


Ya know, something about the cancelled WoD game got me a bit more steamed…  This isn’t the first time the fans have been met with disappointment and cancellations.  There was supposed to be a Werewolf the Apocalypse video game not too different from Masquerade: Blooldlines (which came a bit later) called Heart of Gaia…  Of course, that never saw the light of day, despite all the work done on it.  Oh well.

This post makes me realize how much the world needs a visual novel (With Sweet Home-type survival horror/turn-based RPG elements) based on Changeling The Lost.

Like, a really; really dark and heartbreaking one with only one good ending and lots of ways to die/go insane. But that’s probably never gonna happen. WELP.



my favourite secondlife memory is this guy I went to uni with wanted to introduce us to this person they were friends with on SL so me and pyro went to this map and this person’s avatar started slowly loading in to see us. And like their av was so complicated it was loading a piece at a time. So first this giant muscular untextured body loaded and then this MASSIVE ERECT HORSE DONG loaded and then about two minutes later a loincloth loaded and covered the dong and I was crying with laughter

oh boy i’ve got one

me and my Good Pal Titas were muckin around in second life

we found a store selling scaley avs that was Jurassic Park themed and the centrepiece was this sculpture of two velociraptors boning but like, the one receiving had a little bow on and pearls

so someone must’ve been like “I wanna make a statue of two raptors fucking but I don’t want it to be gay

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Disintegrate your friends by accident!

God I wish they still made toys like this.
Couldn’t there be some other way we could legally force toy guns not look like real guns other than “force the tip to be a fugly neon orange”? I know the transformers fans’d be happy if we could get our shit together enough to do that…


Disintegrate your friends by accident!

God I wish they still made toys like this.

Couldn’t there be some other way we could legally force toy guns not look like real guns other than “force the tip to be a fugly neon orange”? I know the transformers fans’d be happy if we could get our shit together enough to do that…

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted shots of my toy room, so here are some!

(I failed to put the 84-85 Decepticon shelf photo in my dropbox.)

Found a copy somewhere else!

I-i-i’ts beautiful.